Construction Cameras


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Multiple power solutions, customizable mounting,
consistent coverage, and reliable data.


Custom Non-Penetrating


Mount Reliable Connection


Harsh Environments Resistant


Unlimited Data Storage


Solar Power Enabled


Generator Power Enabled


Mains Power Enabled


24/7 Global Customer Support

Mobile Camera Trailer

Extra power and flexibility to your site view

Our solar-powered camera trailers are designed to withstand harsh construction environments and allow cameras to be relocated anywhere on the jobsite. Each trailer features a telescopic mast that can extend up to 6 meters, along with a durable solar power backup system that lasts a minimum of 5 days, ensuring continuous operation and comprehensive site documentation.

Weather Station

Stay updated and optimize your operations

The Evercam Weather Station is designed to deliver precise weather conditions of your site location. It offers real-time data to help you stay informed, make decisions ahead, and improve your operational efficiency by closely monitoring and tracking weather changes directly where it’s most needed.

Non-Penetrating Mount Solutions

Customizable Installation for each site challenge

Our Non-Penetrating Mounts enable you to securely install your construction camera on a building’s roof, ensuring the optimal angle to capture your site. The 2-meter mount is affixed to standard concrete blocks for stability.

Global Customer Support

Tailored for the global market, our specialists are trained to deliver 24/7 customer support,
maintaining Evercam’s exceptional service standards to ensure the success of your project.

“Evercam is a great product that improved our remote management of the project, security and site activities. Support was very good at helping us get a new technology up and running.”

Kevin Wooldridge
Project Manager

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