3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your BIM model with Evercam

3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your BIM model with Evercam

Integrate your BIM Model with the real-time image.

Evercam is a video project management tool for the construction industry. Our software records everything that happens, and then makes that information available instantly online. We have been working with clients to develop new features such as overlaying 4D BIM models on top of real-time images and time-lapse video. Comparing the project as-built with the BIM model at any point in time helps you to track progress and quality.


Verify that your project is on-time by comparing real-time footage to the BIM model, or fast forward to see where your project should be in two weeks.

Win more business from your client by utilising the BIM model to showcase project progress and by proving a timeline of completed works.

Increase Profit by saving time and preventing delays. Make sure you know what is happening and when it should happen. No Surprises.


The real power of Evercam is the ability to integrate the BIM model…This allowed our client to get a feel for what the finished office would look like and gave the ability to track progress against the final product.

– Niall Byrne, General Manager at CARAS

Work with multiple teams by adding unlimited users to your camera or by sharing an image or video. Keep stakeholders informed and reduce site visits. The BIM integration feature gives everyone a clear update of the status of the project at any point in time.

Here is a sneak peek how our BIM Integration feature works.

Contact us if would like to add BIM integration to your project.