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5 Ways of Full Video Recordings Benefit Risk and Insurance Management on Construction Sites

5 Ways of Full Video Recordings Benefit Risk and Insurance Management on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be hazardous, unpredictable environments that can lead to accidents, injuries, or fatalities. In fact, according to OSHA, the “Fatal Four” causes of fatalities in the workplace are falls, electrocutions, struck-by-object incidents, and caught-in/between incidents.

These accounted for 59.9% of construction worker deaths in 2017. The financial consequences of safety incidents in construction can be significant, with the average cost of a “fall from a height” incident being $112,000.

America’s safety advocate the National safety council  gives an extensive breakdown of the financial implications of work injury as follows:

  • The total cost of work injuries in 2021 was $167.0 billion, which includes wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, employers’ uninsured costs, and property damage costs.
  • The cost per worker in 2021 was $1,080, which represents the value of goods or services each worker must produce to offset the cost of work injuries.
  • The cost per medically consulted injury in 2021 was $42,000, while the cost per death was $1,340,000.
  • The total days lost due to work injuries in 2021 were 103,000,000, which includes days lost from injuries that occurred in 2021 and previous years, as well as future years from 2021 injuries.

An effective risk management strategy and safety program is crucial for construction companies to mitigate these risks and financial losses. Full video recordings are one such strategy that can provide a comprehensive record of all activities taking place on construction sites, helping to identify potential risks and hazards.

By monitoring compliance with health and safety regulations, capturing every second of construction site activity in 4k video improves overall transparency and accountability on-site operations.

Picture of ROI if video recordings are present on construction site

Evercam offers full video recordings as one of its features to help construction companies manage risks and reduce incidents, and costs related to insurance. Here are some of the benefits of using Evercam’s full video recordings:

1. Remote Safety Monitoring & Inspections

The features provided by Evercam, such as real-time visibility across all job sites and the ability to perform remote safety inspections in real time, can greatly aid in risk management. By having access to live feed images capturing activity on all projects in one centralized location, safety personnel can quickly identify potential safety hazards and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.

The edit tool’s ability to mark up safety violations and communicate with on-site staff via Procore integration can help to prevent safety incidents before they occur. This feature allows for the quick and easy creation of annotations or tags on the model to highlight important information such as restricted or dangerous areas, enabling on-site teams to follow safety protocols 24/7.

These features enable safety personnel to perform remote safety inspections in real-time on all their job sites via live feed images capturing activity on all projects in one centralized location. This feature can help reduce travel time, enable better preparation for on-site loss control inspections, provide feedback and document the actions taken, and ensure on-site teams are following safety protocols 24/7.

video recording incident. falling of an object in the site

2. Incident Review & Documentation

With Evercam’s full video recordings, incidents are immediately visible, and users can request video archives to review incidents in detail. By leveraging this feature, companies can avoid costly job site shutdowns that can result from incidents, such as accidents or safety violations. The ability to quickly determine the cause of an incident and document it using 4k video documentation can help ensure that remediation is implemented promptly, reducing the likelihood of future incidents.

video recording incident archiving

Moreover, having access to full-frame rate recordings (8 frames/sec) of an incident can provide a wealth of information to analyze and determine the root cause of the issue. This information can then be used to develop targeted risk mitigation strategies that address the specific issues identified in the incident review.

A video recording incident on site

3. Claims Documentation & Submittal

Evercam’s cloud recording and full frame rate 4k video feature provide the ability to submit insurance claims with high-quality video evidence. This feature also includes weather reporting, which can be used to prove weather delays.

The benefits of this feature include financial benefits from the insurance company for “50% deductible claims accompanying video clips,” expediting the claims process, understanding the cause of the incident, and proving that the incident occurred. The visuals and data can also be used to validate delays caused by unforeseen conditions like weather, earthwork, etc.

A construction worker captured on Evercam time-lapse camera not wearing hard hat
A construction worker captured on Evercam time-lapse camera not wearing hard hat
Fence fallen down on a construction site as captured on Evercam time-lapse camera

4. Enable Continuous Improvement & Safety Training

Safety training is a critical aspect of managing construction risks, but it can be challenging to create engaging and effective safety training programs that resonate with employees and effectively communicate safety procedures. Evercam’s video editing team can help create internal training videos based on real footage captured on job sites, showcasing examples of safety risks and hazards and demonstrating best practices to mitigate them.

These videos can provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the potential hazards and risks associated with specific tasks or work environments. They can also offer practical instructions and guidelines on how to identify and mitigate these risks.

Video recordings of accident on construction site

Having a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) is an additional advantage in risk analysis and mitigation, and this is a service that Evercam offers. Their unlimited user training and set-up to complement existing health and safety workflows can ensure that employees are adequately trained and equipped to identify and report potential hazards. They also provide ongoing support and guidance to help teams identify and address any safety concerns that arise.

The edit tool can further aid in risk analysis and mitigation efforts by allowing teams to mark up images and proactively communicate safety protocols, instructions, and violations with on-site staff. This tool can help identify potential hazards and violations before they become significant problems and ensure that corrective actions are taken promptly.

The advantage of this feature is that it can help enable the safety team to use Evercam to drive behavioural change, ultimately driving company-wide behavioural change related to safety measures via a process of visual information for continuous improvement.

5. Fraud Prevention

The X-ray feature

The X-ray feature allows you to see behind that wall; below that floor and provide evidence of the previous condition of the site. This provides proof of events and prevents fraud.

Insurance fraud is a prevalent issue in the construction industry, and false claims can lead to financial losses and higher premiums for construction companies. However, full video recordings can help prevent fraudulent activities by providing concrete evidence of events on the construction site. For instance, if an employee reports a slip and fall accident that never happened, the video footage can provide irrefutable evidence that the incident was staged.

This transparency makes it challenging for individuals to falsify information or stage accidents, ultimately safeguarding the interests of insurers and construction companies. By leveraging full video recordings to deter fraudulent activities, construction companies can avoid financial losses and ensure their insurance policies remain cost-effective.

Full video recordings enable investigation of the incident & determine the cause(s).

Full video recordings of construction site enable investigation of the incident & determine the cause(s).

In conclusion, full video recordings have become an indispensable tool for managing risks and enhancing insurance efficiency on construction sites. By providing real-time insights into construction activities, identifying potential hazards, and streamlining the insurance claims process, full video recordings are transforming the construction industry. As construction projects continue to grow in size and complexity, leveraging full video recordings will become increasingly crucial in managing risks and ensuring the success of projects.

If you are looking for a reliable full video recording solution for your construction site, Evercam offers a range of AI-integrated cameras and software for reality capture and remote monitoring. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance safety, improve project efficiency, and streamline insurance claims processing on your construction site.

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