Faith Tangara
Content Writer
5 Ways to Reduce Project Risk Using Evercam’s Drone View

5 Ways to Reduce Project Risk Using Evercam’s Drone View

While every project is unique, many construction projects run into the same kinds of issues that can slow down progress or cause harm to workers on the ground. In the world of construction, nothing is more paramount than the safety of the workers on the ground.

Weather conditions, natural disasters or other hazardous conditions can get in the way of construction, impeding progress and potentially putting the construction crew at risk.

Construction projects come with a lot of risks, from project delays to budget overruns. However, with advancements in technology, it’s possible to reduce these risks and ensure that your construction project runs smoothly. 

Evercam’s Drone View is our latest development that has been designed to help project managers keep their projects on track and reduce risk.

Check out these five ways that you can use Drone View to reduce project risk:

1. Visualize 3d Reconstruction of the Site

Evercam’s Drone View allows you to visualize the job site in 3D. This can help in reducing risks in projects by allowing project managers to:

  • Monitor project progress and identify potential delays
  • By detecting issues early, you can reduce the chance of having to redo work, saving time and resources.
  • Stay connected with the team and respond to potential safety issues quickly

Access to 3D model after reconstruction enables you to monitor the construction site, and the progress of the construction without the need to visit the site physically. 

2. Annotate Critical Areas on Your Job Site for Smoother Communications

This feature offers a user-friendly tagging system that helps project managers and other stakeholders easily identify and track important information. The ability to annotate or tag areas of the construction site provides a clear and efficient method of communication, ensuring the safety of all personnel on the site and helping to prevent delays and other risks.

The tagging system can be used to highlight restricted or dangerous areas, assign tasks, and monitor progress in real-time by switching to a live camera view. This added level of control and accountability helps project managers quickly address any issues and keep the project on track.

Additionally, the tagging system can be used to communicate important information such as safety hazards, making the construction site a safer place for all workers.

3. Adjust the Project Plan & Prove the Cause of Delays 

Using Evercam’s Weather Feature alongside Drone View helps to mitigate project risks by allowing project managers to stay ahead of adverse weather conditions that could cause delays and impact productivity or prove that weather has caused a delay in construction progress. Moreover, this includes risks such as:

  • Work stoppage due to inclement weather
  • Cost overruns due to weather-related delays
  • Scheduling delays caused by weather conditions
  • Inefficient use of resources due to weather-related disruptions

4. Avoid Cost Overruns

Drone View’s measuring tool helps to reduce the risk of project delays, budget overruns, and miscommunication between stakeholders. By providing accurate and precise measurement data, the tool helps project managers to better monitor project progress, avoid mistakes in materials ordering, and improve cost estimation accuracy.

The tool minimizes the need for physical site visits, reducing the risk of site accidents and reducing the overall cost of project management.

5. Compare As-Built to a BIM Model

The Drone View feature includes a comparison tool that enables you to compare between different drone models in 3D and 2D. The ability to compare previous and current or future flight models using the Drone View feature’s comparison tool helps reduce risks in construction projects by identifying deviations from the original plan. 

Drone View’s capabilities are helping construction projects run smoother, faster, and safer This tool is already making a  significant difference in the success of many construction projects for our customers 

So if you’re looking for a solution that can help you reduce project risk and minimise loss, consider using Evercam’s Drone View today! Book a call or Contact Us!