Faith Tangara
Content Writer
BIM feature update! View project milestones

BIM feature update! View project milestones

Integrating a BIM model with Evercam’s time-lapse cameras is a great way to keep your project on track. A BIM provides users with the planned project schedule and the live camera feed shows users the reality; integrating the two conveys the feeds indicates the status of the project by comparing where the project should be versus where it is.

The latest update to our BIM Integration feature is the ability to easily identify project milestones using the calendar. Previously, when using the BIM feature, our customers would have to use two different systems to view project milestones. The feature enables customers to identify the milestones on the BIM timeline by highlighting key dates with blue circles on the calendar.

A screenshot form evercam dashboard showcasing BIM model integrated with timelapse cameras
BIM model integrated with Evercam’s timelapse cameras

So why add BIM to your Evercam camera? 

The BIM Compare feature allows the customer to track progress and quality by comparing real-time footage of the project ‘as-built’ with the BIM model as designed. 

  • Verification: verify that your project is on-time by comparing real-time footage to the BIM model, or fast forward to see where your project should be in two weeks. 
  • Collaboration: work with multiple teams by adding unlimited users to your camera or by sharing a time-lapse image or video. Ensure everyone has a clear update of the project status at any point in time.
  • Communicate: connecting these two data sources give users the full picture of their project status, enabling them to communicate effective, actionable information to project stakeholders. 

To add BIM to your construction camera, get in touch with us today.