Mairead Fowler
EuroCC SME Accelerator Project

EuroCC SME Accelerator Project

We are delighted to announce that we have recently completed the EuroCC SME Accelerator program through which Evercam collaborated with the Irish Center for High-end Computing (ICHEC). This short, 3-month project allowed us to experiment with novel technologies and test the performance of our visual collaboration tools with the use of high-performance computing infrastructure. 

The project evolved around experimentation with the super-resolution imaging technique (SR) applied on data captured by cameras overseeing construction sites. Throughout the testing, we were able to access the ICHEC’s High-Performance Computer Kay with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This GPU cluster, with 16 nodes, is particularly well suited for training and experimenting with deep neural networks at scale, including multi-GPU and multi-node training.

4k low-resolution images to enhanced 8k high-resolution comparison image of a construction worker


The models training allowed us to move from 4k low-resolution images to enhanced 8k high-resolution images significantly increasing their visual quality. 

4k low-resolution images to enhanced 8k high-resolution quality comparison image of a construction site
quality comparison image of a construction site

*The comparison of results from RealSR, SRGAN,  ESRGAN, ESRGANplus model. ESRGANplus (the first one from the right) delivers the best outcomes. 

Use case

The super-resolution imaging technique (SR) finds its application specifically in the Evercam SuperZoom function. 

Evercam construction cameras Super Zoom Feature
Evercam construction cameras Super Zoom Feature

Evercam‘s zoom is a magnifier tool that can be used to catch every detail in the project with up to 18X beyond the basic zoom level. It can be utilized by various construction stakeholders for different, role-specific tasks: 

Project Managers can use it to view any detail on site. Through closer monitoring, PMs can make sure that potential risks aren’t left unseen.

Health & Safety Departments can monitor safety compliance by identifying and tracking the use of personal protective equipment. They can easily zoom in on areas of the site where wearing specific protective gear or hard hats may be mandatory at all times. In this way, H&S departments can reduce liability issues, identify opportunities for additional training and help ensure workers are being careful.

Logistics Managers can zoom in on delivered material, identify if, for instance, the precast/modular units are correct before installation. Keep a closer eye on whether the correct material is stored at the right place or how site equipment is being used. 

Quantity Surveyor can obtain high-quality evidence against claims or disputes, proactively identifying areas of concern, with a closer look at details on the job site. 

All roles

With such a powerful tool construction stakeholders can additionally save time on unnecessary site visits and review the work details remotely. They can commute only when their engagement on-site is crucial.


Evercam continually produces the highest quality construction video footage at an affordable cost. As proven in this project, combining the most advanced technology available with the appropriate hardware will allow a 12MP CCTV camera to produce videos/images that are equivalent to those produced by IP cameras with an approximate price range of 5x to 10x. 

We are advancing the quality of our visual communication tools to meet the highest industry standards and help construction teams effectively monitor and manage their projects. The ability to integrate super-resolution will allow us to produce and deliver even higher-quality pictures and videos without sacrificing the benefits of full video recording