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Evercam: A Year of Milestones

Evercam: A Year of Milestones

2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation

Reflecting on 2023, at Evercam, we celebrated growth, innovation, and excellence. The year was marked by ISO 27001 certification, an achievement that underscored our commitment to information security. We launched the BIM Heroes Podcast that unites industry experts and advanced knowledge sharing.

We also had significant platform upgrades, including Autodesk Integration and the Volumetric Measuring Tool. Evercam is grateful for our community’s trust and collaboration, and we look back at 2023 as a milestone year that set a strong foundation for future innovation.

Expanding Our Community

2023 has been a significant milestone in the number of product users and data usage. The Evercam community has grown exponentially, a clear indicator of the industry’s trust and reliance on our technology. We appreciate this growing support and are committed to continually enhancing user experience.

  • Cameras & Projects: In 2023, we achieved a landmark with 1,517 cameras live, covering 866 projects in over 21 countries.
  • User Community: Our platform now proudly serves 17,000+ users, a milestone that highlights the trust the construction community place in us.
  • Time-Lapse Videos: We’ve created more than 10K construction time-lapse videos, capturing the essence of your projects in dynamic detail.
  • Global Team: The Evercam family has grown to 145 employees across 17 countries, bringing diverse perspectives and skills to our teams.
  • BIM Integration: We managed 185 BIM cameras, including 77 new additions, aligning 315 3D BIM models with real-time footage, and providing 4D views and drone views.
  • AI Advancements: Our AI and Machine Learning tools have seen a significant amount of data
    • Several cameras, including new installations, are currently monitoring traffic and gate activity.
    • We have run our AI models with over 500,000 images.
    • We tracked 250,000 events, including over 40,000 deliveries identified by our AI technology.

Events & Networking

Last year, the Evercam team hit the road to several events and fairs focused on construction innovation. Our journey took us to Vegas for the Autodesk University event, Chicago for the 2023 Construction Tech Conference, London for the  Data Centre World London, and Dublin for the BIM Heroes Summit, among others.

Being part of these gatherings in attendance was way beyond participating and showcased our talented team. It was about our mission to enhance the construction industry with technology, building strong connections and contributing to the growth of our community. We are delighted to see Evercam at the forefront of market trends.

Evercam team in different events in the USA

Achieving ISO 27001 Certification

A highlight of the year was receiving ISO 27001 certification. This achievement is more than a certification; it is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security management. This approval reinforces our dedication to protecting client data and ensuring robust security protocols, reinforcing the trust our customers place in us.

BIM Heroes Podcast

2023 saw the launch of the BIM Heroes Podcast, an initiative that quickly became a cornerstone of our community growth. The podcast brought together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the dynamic world of construction technology.

Through this channel, insightful discussions were facilitated, best practices in the market were shared, and industry trends were highlighted. The podcast has facilitated insightful discussions, shared best practices in the market, and highlighted industry trends, contributing significantly to the collective development of our community.

Evercam BIM-Heroes-podcast-studio-booth

Product Upgrades

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration: Evercam’s integration with Autodesk streamlines processes by direct image transfers, real-time visuals in Autodesk’s Dashboard, and access to Evercam’s key features like Live View, X-Ray, BIM Compare, and Gate Report within the Autodesk interface.
  • Volumetric Measuring Tool: We also released the Volumetric Measuring Tool which offers precise stockpile measurements using the Line of Best Fit method, enhancing efficiency in construction management and ensuring precise material volume estimation. This tool improves both the accuracy of material volume estimation and the effectiveness of remote site management.

volumetric tool for measuring volume remotely

  • Map View: Offers interactive 2D-floor plans, enhancing project perspective and ensuring construction activities align with planned layouts. Aids in tracking progress and streamlining communication for better decision-making and reducing rework.

Unveiling the Faces Behind Our Success

We launched “Voices of Evercam,” a blog series that focuses on the amazing individuals who make up our team. This series is a celebration of the individual stories that collectively define our company culture, showcasing the diversity and innovation of our team members.

It offers a personal connection for clients and partners to the people behind our products, underlining our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and diverse perspectives.

On-Site Meetups: Building a strong global team

Evercam Phillippines meet upDespite our primarily remote operation, this year’s on-site meetups in the Philippines, Algeria and the USA turned into vibrant hubs for exchanging ideas and deepening our global community.

These events provided opportunities for our team to share insights, collaborate on strategies, and forge stronger bonds. As we continue growing and operating remotely, these on-site meetups will remain a cornerstone of our approach to building a unified and dynamic global team.



We are grateful to each member of the Evercam community. Your trust, feedback, and collaboration have played a significant role in our success.

We look forward to the journey of 2024 expecting fresh insights, new challenges and an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Here’s to a prosperous and innovative 2024!