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A Quick Guide To Construction Cameras: The Tool That Benefits Your Entire Organisation

A Quick Guide To Construction Cameras: The Tool That Benefits Your Entire Organisation

When it comes to cameras, our thought process instantly zooms in on the hardware and functionality aspects of what cameras mean to us: tools to capture images/videos.

Evercam aims to add a twist to conventional wisdom by empowering cameras to be much more than a tool, and transition towards becoming a resource. A resource, that can be called upon to enrich, enhance, and evolve established processes on a construction site and provide reliable results.

But what does it mean to look at cameras as a resource?

When integrated with construction camera software like Evercam, site cameras transform a piece of hardware you are already using into an invaluable source of information.

Cameras as a tool:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • CCTV

Nothing new right?

Cameras as a resource:

  • Complete project visualisation from within one platform
  • Images integrated with BIM and Drone Imaging
  • Monitoring and tracking deliveries and vehicles on site
  • 4K Time-Lapse videos in professionally edited to include project information, milestones and insights.
  • Project management software integration (Procore, AutoDesk) or for your BIM team (Synchro 4D), accessible from anywhere via the Evercam app.
Evercam Construction cameras
Evercam construction camera. Source: File

So, what is this resource worth? How can the value of this software be communicated within an organization?


Provides a digital stream of information that can be accessed on-demand by the entire company globally, with access permissions controlled by the purchasing manager.


Provides reality capture in full video to investigate causes behind delays, accidents or other incidents and helps project teams address them timely. Evercam’s A.I generated a “Gate Report” which aids users in tracking materials, vehicles, and subcontractors entering and exiting the site.


Provides the perfect platform for content creation throughout the duration of a project. Users can create their own video content using in-platform tools like Time-Lapse Creator or work with video producers, like Evercam’s creative team to create branded marketing-ready videos.


Provides indisputable evidence for unforeseen litigation, and lawsuits by capturing those key moments in full video.

Project Management:

Provides reliable monitoring of remote sites which can reduce the impact on Project Managers who may have to travel frequently to multiple job sites, and bring the solutions home to them.

Construction cameras are playing an integral role on construction sites across the globe. By understanding how they can benefit your entire organisation, from project management to marketing, you can utilise them to their fullest potential.

Construction companies that use cameras report higher efficiency, less occurrence of rework, and better safety records. If you’re looking for a way to improve your construction business, consider investing in a construction camera. With the help of a construction camera, you can keep track of your projects, monitor employee productivity, and make sure that your projects are on schedule.

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This article was written by Mahmud Shah who is part of the business development team at Evercam. Although he does not possess a background in construction, his previous experience as a data analyst coupled with Evercam’s vision of employing AI as a core resource, fueled his drive to express the role cameras can play as an integral component of modern-day construction management.