Evercam Play for iOS

Evercam Play for iOS

Our iOS app – Evercam Play is now ready for downloading on the App Store, it’s available on iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s and iPad:

Download on the app store image


  • Supports a huge range of different camera types – business & residential CCTV, home & business WiFi security cameras, public webcams
  • Add, edit and remove cameras from your account
  • Pre-populates camera details based on vendor
  • Portrait and Landscape viewing
  • Save snapshots from any camera and share them with your friends & family
Evercam Play for iOS

This version works for JPG view only, we will add RTSP support in the next release.

Evercam Play for iOS is an open source project, the source code is available on Github. If you have experience developing with iOS and IP cameras, we are happy to see your pull requests!

All functionalities are using the Evercam REST API and the Objective-C wrapper.

Suggestions and/ or bug reports welcome.