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Evercam & Procore Integration

Evercam & Procore Integration

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Procore, a leading project management software, partners with Evercam’s Reality Capture technology to enhance construction project management. This integration streamlines visual documentation, improves oversight, facilitates communication, and empowers project managers to efficiently track progress, ensuring successful project outcomes.

By combining Procore’s project management capabilities with Evercam’s advanced visual documentation tools, construction professionals gain a comprehensive solution that leverages the power of data and technology to drive efficiency and safety on the job site.

This image shows the Evercam construction cameras dashboard in Procore.

  1. Streamlined Visual Documentation: Procore seamlessly integrates Evercam’s visual evidence and documentation for robust visual data management.
  2. Enhanced Daily Logs: Procore’s Daily Logs feature benefits from visual documentation, improving project oversight and accountability.
  3. Efficient Documentation: This integration simplifies construction activity documentation, enhancing safety and compliance tracking.
  4. RFI Augmentation: Procore enhances RFI handling with enriched draft RFIs derived from visual data, reducing redundancy.
  5. Advanced Image Recognition: Procore uses AI-powered image recognition from Evercam for efficient time-lapse video editing.
  6. Real-Time Monitoring: Gain real-time visual documentation for informed decision-making and improved communication.
  7. Virtual Walkthroughs: Procore offers virtual site inspections, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  8. RFI and Observation Documentation: Attach visual references and location details to RFIs and Observations for clarity.
  9. Effortless Data Flow: Procore centralizes visual data access, management, and sharing, simplifying project documentation.
  10. Enhanced Communication: Regular visual documentation enhances communication across the job site.
  11. Empowering Construction Professionals: The Procore-Evercam integration boosts efficiency, safety, and project success by creating a single source of truth for visual documentation.

Procore Integration Options

With the Evercam integration, you can:

  • Enjoy a live view of your construction site in Procore to manage your site from anywhere.
  • Record high-resolution images for every second of the construction site progress.
  • Highlight and communicate key information by drawing and adding text to site images with our simple Mark-up tool.
  • Compare before and after images from any point in time and create short clips using our compare tool.
  • Keep track of progress by comparing live and recorded views with your 4D or 3D BIM Models.

Find all of your Evercam features including Live streaming, X-ray view, BIM Compare, and Gate Report in one place within your Project Dashboard in Procore.

Visit the Procore marketplace and click on “Install App”. Once you have added the Evercam App to your project view simply select the app and login with your Evercam credentials.

PROCORE evercam login

Once you have added the Evercam App, go to your project view Select > Apps (3) then App Management (4)

Select > View Evercam (5)

Select > Configurations (6) then > Create Configuration (7)

Choose which Projects (8) you want to link to Evercam to. Add a Title (9) then select > Create (10)

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Happy integration!

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