Mairead Fowler
Evercam: The Zoom for Construction.

Evercam: The Zoom for Construction.

Evercam is the Zoom for Construction.

Here are some of the benefits of using Evercam Construction Cameras on your site: 

Live View

Be it the result of an accident or a force of nature, incidents will happen on-site and if you want to ensure that you are prepared in the event of an emergency, a protocol must be in place. When the news of a COVID-19 lockdown was delivered, construction companies had to shut down sites very quickly with little time to prepare. Evercam played a key role in ensuring sites were shut down correctly with minimal workers present. Our clients were able to establish whether or not protocol was followed using the recordings feature of our platform. 

Regardless of whether your site is currently operational or not, it is still important to ensure that everything is safe and secure. Having a live view of your construction site allows you to carry out daily checks remotely. 


Construction projects involve multiple stakeholders, so effective communication is now more important than ever. What and how you communicate plays a significant role in how productive your team can be when working from home. So if you can share updates to stakeholders with an image or video, then do. Communicating with a visual reference translates your message in a much more effective way. 

Capturing The Story 

As a result of this pandemic, we have seen some of the most impressive turn arounds on construction projects for the healthcare sectors. The hard work behind these projects is something worth being captured and recognised. 

In Ireland, the HSE has turned an exhibition centre in Dublin into a temporary hospital in order to be prepared in the instance of a surge of COVID-19 patients within Irish hospitals.

This image show the proposed layout out of hospital beds in HSE isolation facility.
Proposed layout out of hospital beds in HSE isolation facility.

Similarly in the UK, the NHS is working to transform areas of the Royal Hospital London into an intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients.

This is the image of Royal Hospital London.

We are proudly working with the HSE in Ireland and the NHS in the UK to tell these stories. 

Social Distancing

Construction cameras are playing a key role in reducing the number of visitors on site. Our clients now include Evercam in their daily online meetings to discuss what is happening on site. If your site is still operating, cameras can be used to ensure compliance with social distancing measures. 

As we slowly return to normality, Evercam will play a key role in ensuring social distancing practices are continued on-site. Social distancing is not just about not going to site, it’s also about minimising moving around the site. Evercam helps you to make decisions without walking across the site.  This makes it easier for those who have to be moving around the site.

Take a look at how Sisk used Evercam to ensure social distancing was practiced on site pre-lock down.

In the past, regular site visits were a vital part of daily life within the construction industry whereas now the focus will shift to keeping as many people off sites as possible. Site visits will still be necessary sometimes, Evercam helps to make sure these visits are made at the right time, and only when necessary.

We are fully operational at Evercam, if you are interested in learning more about how our customers are using Evercam or wish to have a camera installed on your site, please get in touch.