Faith Tangara
Content Writer
Evercam Welcomes David Morley as New Chief Product Officer

Evercam Welcomes David Morley as New Chief Product Officer

Evercam Construction Cameras is pleased to announce that David Morley  has joined the company as Chief Product Officer. As CPO, David will be responsible for the company’s overall product vision, strategy and innovation, as well as leading Evercam’s technology partner strategy. Prior to joining Evercam, David was responsible for product development at Quartz, where he used his construction knowledge to guide product choices and strategy, design product solutions and interface with Quartz’s customers.

David comes from 20 years of experience in the construction industry, beginning work in the field in Chicago, before moving into project management in San Francisco, where he worked for industry-leading companies, like Lendlease and WEBCOR Builders. At Evercam, David looks forward to combining his experience and interest in technology to work closely with customers to develop insights, solve business challenges, and help customers to explore the value of artificial intelligence in construction camera software to its full potential.

David joined Evercam because its international presence and customer engagement positions itself well for construction technology partnerships. His goal is to build upon the foundations already in place and position Evercam as both the employer and the partner of choice at a global level. On the future of the construction camera industry, David says,

“Cameras have become ubiquitous on construction sites. But cameras are only a tool. The knowledge we can attain from them has the capacity to make sites safer and more productive every day. I think Evercam is uniquely positioned to provide additional value to the Construction Industry and I’m excited to be a part of that opportunity!”

-Chief Product Officer, David Morley

As Evercam continues to scale globally, his expertise will be invaluable to our employees, customers, and partners. At Evercam, our focus is to continue to build a product that connects customers with the data they need, all within the live view of their construction site camera.