Faith Tangara
Content Writer
Evercam’s Volumetric Estimating Tool

Evercam’s Volumetric Estimating Tool

Thinking about how important estimating is in a construction site, Evercam has released its latest product update – the Volume Measuring Tool. Set to redefine material volume estimations on construction sites, this innovative solution specifically meets the industry’s need for precise, efficient stockpile measurement.

Consequently, it tackles challenges like material wastage, budget discrepancies, and scheduling delays, offering accurate volume estimates. Importantly, this development isn’t just a technological leap; it’s a strategic response to the demand for more accurate, sustainable construction management practices.

How the Volume Measuring Tool Works

The Volume Measuring Tool uses the Line of Best Fit method. This advanced algorithm calculates the volume of various materials. The tool divides materials into two categories: ‘Cut’ and ‘Fill’. ‘Cut’ covers everything above ground level, while ‘Fill’ includes materials below. This distinction is crucial because it ensures precise volume measurements, critical for accurate budgeting and resource allocation.

Evercam volumetric measuring tool

Applications in Construction

This tool changes how construction sites operate. Let’s look at its uses:

  1. Excavated Soil Measurement: Estimating the volume of excavated soil is now simpler and more accurate. Therefore, this is crucial for budgeting and planning, especially for large-scale projects where soil removal can be costly. The tool’s precision helps avoid underestimation, which can lead to unexpected expenses.
  2. Stockpile Management: This tool streamlines on-site material management. By accurately estimating stockpile volumes, it aids in workflow optimization. Crucial for inventory control, this data helps prevent both surplus materials from causing storage issues and shortages that could impact project timelines. Effective stockpile management is essential for the smooth operation and financial success of any project.
  3. Construction Waste Management Protocol: In an era of strict environmental regulations, this tool is invaluable. Providing accurate volume data assists project managers and compliance officers in adhering to regulations. As a result, this approach helps avoid potential penalties and project delays due to non-compliance.
  4. Demolition Projects: In demolition, understanding the amount of debris and the project’s scale is crucial. The tool offers a precise method for estimating material volume, thereby aiding in the efficient allocation of resources and accurate cost estimation. This feature is especially beneficial for effectively planning and executing demolition projects.

Volumetric Estimating Tool

Benefits and Impact of the Volume Measuring Tool

The introduction of the Volume Measuring Tool marks a significant advancement in construction. Its benefits are wide-ranging:

  • Cost Efficiency: With precise volume measurements, projects can stay within budget more easily. This reduces the risk of overspending and helps in better financial planning.
  • Time-Saving: The tool’s remote measurement capabilities save valuable time. Teams don’t need to be on-site as often, which speeds up the entire process.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Thanks to the Line of Best Fit method, the tool offers a high degree of precision. This leads to better decision-making and project outcomes.

Evercam volumetric tool measures stock pile on job site

Evercam’s Volume Measuring Tool improves the accuracy of material volume estimation and facilitates remote site management in construction projects. It delivers precise measurements that are necessary for effective planning and budgeting. This, in turn, leads to more effective resource allocation and better overall project management, even from a distance.

For a future where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, embracing this tool becomes essential, ensuring every aspect of your construction projects meets the highest standards of precision and effectiveness. Contact us to improve the way you manage on-site materials.