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How Reality Capture & BIM Integration Enhance Construction Efficiency

How Reality Capture & BIM Integration Enhance Construction Efficiency


Reality capture bolsters efficient collaboration and effective project management. The adoption of such advanced technologies has driven these significant changes.

By employing reality capture, a remarkable 30% reduction in project rework has been achieved, leading to substantial time and resource savings. Furthermore, it has fostered enhanced collaboration among project stakeholders, facilitating improved communication and informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. In this article, we will delve deeper into the role of reality capture in project management and collaboration, shedding light on its essential contributions to successful outcomes in the construction industry.

Evercam BIM integration

A Closer Look at Reality Capture and BIM Integration

Reality Capture

Reality Capture involves gathering accurate data about physical spaces or objects and transforming them into digital 3D models. This technology employs various methods, including 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry, and drone surveying, to provide accurate measurements, contours, and site conditions. This precise information facilitates informed decision-making, effective planning, and accurate designing.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM offers a digital representation of a facility’s physical and functional characteristics, providing an invaluable resource for decision-making throughout the facility’s life cycle. Unlike the traditional 2D blueprint, BIM integrates dimensions of time (4D) and enhances collaboration among project stakeholders.
Evercam’s BIM integration illustration

When combined with reality capture, construction professionals can obtain precise as-built information, detect clashes or discrepancies between the design and the actual site conditions, and make informed decisions in real time. This integration not only improves project coordination and reduces errors but also enables effective project scheduling and visualisation, leading to greater efficiency and improved project outcomes.

Evrcam compare - Reality capture of current status of site versus BIM model.

Challenges in Project Progress Management

  • Lack of Real-Time Information

Traditional project management heavily relies on periodic site visits and manual data collection. This approach can result in a lack of real-time information about the project’s status and progress. The delays in obtaining crucial information can constrain decision-making and increase the chances of errors. Without immediate access to accurate data, project managers may struggle to stay updated on the current state of the project, which can lead to inefficiencies and setbacks.

  • Communication Gaps

Effective communication is vital for successful project management. However, without a unified platform to share information, miscommunication can occur between project teams. This can happen when different stakeholders rely on disparate systems or use outdated communication channels. The lack of a centralised information-sharing platform can lead to delays, misunderstandings, and errors. Important project details may be miscommunicated or not communicated at all, resulting in rework, schedule disruptions, and potential cost overruns.

  • Complex Construction Sequencing

Construction projects involve sequences of activities that need to be carefully coordinated for smooth progress. Managing these complex sequences without appropriate visualisation and analysis tools can be challenging. Understanding the dependencies and interrelationships between different tasks becomes difficult, which can lead to costly delays. Without a clear overview of the construction sequencing, project managers may struggle to optimise workflows, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to ensure efficient progress.

Evercam’s Reality Capture features, including 4D View, BIM Compare, and Drone View, offer benefits to construction site visualization. These innovative tools significantly enhance the management of project progress, creating a streamlined and more efficient process. Let’s explore three key ways in which these Reality Capture tools improve collaboration and communication on construction projects:

1. 4D View: Facilitating Real-time Monitoring and Communication

4D View serves as a potent tool that combines high-quality video footage from the construction site with the digital twin in real-time. The 4D view tool allows users to transition seamlessly between the physical and digital spaces, thereby enabling efficient tracking of changes and communication of progress.

In the conventional setup, two key challenges have been addressed by this feature:

  • Limited Real-Time Monitoring: Traditional methodologies often struggle with the lack of real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities at the jobsite.
  • Impediments in Communication: A lack of real-time updates often leads to gaps in communication among stakeholders, ultimately affecting project outcomes.

4D View is an innovative solution to these problems:

  1. BIM Model Visualisation: The technology enables visualisation of the BIM model within its actual environment through the Evercam dashboard. It offers a suite of features including measuring, sectioning, 4D Timeline animation, BIM data, and camera live view.
The element of time. 4D visualization using Evercam's reality capture
  1. Progress Verification: Utilising iTwin® BIM Compare, users can monitor progress and change orders with ease.
  1. Reduced Site Visits: By maintaining real-time updates for all stakeholders, 4D View significantly curtails the need for frequent physical site visits.

2. Quality Control and Progress Monitoring with BIM Compare

Progress compare of current project versus BIM model

BIM Compare is an advanced feature that facilitates comparison of the project’s as-built status with the BIM model as designed.

The absence of such a feature often leads to the following challenges:

  • Inefficient Quality Assurance: Verifying project execution against the original design often becomes an arduous, error-prone process.
  • Stakeholder Communication Deficits: The task of regularly updating shareholders and other stakeholders on project progress can be complex and time-consuming.

The implementation of BIM Compare effectively resolves these issues:

  1. Quality and Progress Tracking: BIM Compare aids in maintaining quality assurance and project progress tracking, making it a pivotal tool for project management.
  1. Enhanced Communication: The tool facilitates more efficient project presentations to shareholders, while also promoting superior coordination among team members.

3. Drone Technology: A Comprehensive Perspective

Drones have dramatically changed the landscape of site visualisation, providing a comprehensive 3D reconstruction of the site using photogrammetry and serving as a complete Reality Capture Platform.

However, without an integrated system, challenges can arise:

  • Difficulty in Coordinating Large-Scale Projects: Managing large-scale construction projects can be challenging due to their complexity and the large area of supervision/monitoring
  • Inaccessible Areas: Some areas of a construction site may be difficult or impossible to reach.
  • Site Inspection Inefficiencies: Manual inspection of construction sites can be time-consuming and costly.

Drone technology provides comprehensive solutions to these issues:

  1. Evercam Visual Timeline: This feature allows users to alternate between fixed position cameras, drone mapping, and 360 images, and compare them with a 4D BIM plan from a centralised location.
Evercam drone view
  1. Integration: Evercam operates as the central hub for all project data. It integrates with construction software currently used in the projects, bringing together various sources of reality capture and project data into one unified space.


The integration of Reality Capture represents a transformative era in construction project management. This innovation is the foundation for a future where the adoption and integration of technology are not only advantageous but indispensable for efficient and successful project execution.

As we progressively embrace these technologies, we transition towards a model of operation where collaboration is seamless, project management is streamlined, and decision-making is well-informed. To stay at the forefront of this dynamic landscape, we invite you to take advantage of Evercam’s Reality Capture and BIM solutions.

Explore the potential of these transformative tools and witness firsthand how they can revolutionise your project visualisation and management processes. Let’s collaboratively shape the future of construction – get in touch with Evercam today.