Lottie Loves Evercam Construction Cameras

Lottie Loves Evercam Construction Cameras

…so much that she needs to dance about it!

 is versatile, well-travelled, and ambitious. She attends school, rides horses, canoes, and has travelled up to the International Space Station where she orbited the Earth.

She has recently teamed up with the Construction Industry Federation to encourage young women to join the construction workforce.

Through this #BuildingEquality campaign, Lottie is proving to the world that young women can be successful in predominantly male-dominated careers and industries.

The gender imbalance existing in the current construction workforce is staggering. Women only make up about 5.5 per cent of the entire industry.

Lottie is inspiring young girls to see themselves in the construction industry by working with companies like Evercam on various projects and jobs. She helped us remodel our office basement and was so impressed with our time-lapse technology that she needed to boogie about it.

Contact us to help Lottie work with Evercam on future construction time-lapse projects.