Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – March 2022

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – March 2022

Check out the best time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe.

Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2, Dongara western Australia- BIM Integration

Check out this timelapse video using Evercam’s BIM integration that captures the progress being made by Clough Group on the Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2. 

Clough is moving rapidly to change the skyline with steel erection underway, and concrete works, pipe and mechanical equipment are also due to commence.

Integrating your BIM model with Evercam’s time-lapse cameras is a great way to keep your project on track. Comparing the project as built with the BIM model at any point in time helps you to track progress and quality.

Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2 –  BIM Integration

Moneypoint Synchronous Condenser, Ireland- Concrete pour

The Siemens Energy Team reached a major milestone in the construction of the Synchronous Condenser Project in Moneypoint,  Ireland’s largest electricity generation station. Over 400 cubic meters of concrete were delivered and poured to form the generator foundation. This is the result of a huge collaboration from our Siemens Energy colleagues in Germany and Suir Engineering. Well done to all involved.

Moneypoint Synchronous Condenser – Concrete pour

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin – Final Video

It is Saint Patrick’s month and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral celebrated a very important project – the restoration of the Cathedral roof.

The conservation work to repair the Cathedral’s roof began in early 2020, just a few weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic St Patrick’s cathedral welcomed visitors back to the safe and beautiful home of Saint Patrick in time for the busy tourist season! 

Check out this amazing video of two years of work in 3 minutes!

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – Final Video

Senior Centre West, North Carolina, USA Progress update video

Senior Centre West is a mixed-use development that is currently under construction in Fayetteville, North Carolina by Cooper Tacia. The project consists of a 19,619 sq ft building (including porte cochère) adjacent to Lake Rim. The building structure is a pre-engineered building frame with metal stud infill and is intended to be completed in August 2022. 

Senior Centre West

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