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Voices of Evercam: Meet Oussama Bonnor – 3D Team Lead

Voices of Evercam: Meet Oussama Bonnor – 3D Team Lead

“Bringing elements of gaming technology into construction opened new avenues for innovation”

Oussama Bonnor began his career journey with a clear goal: to become a doctor. However, life had other plans. During a gap year, he discovered his passion for programming, which set him on a new, unexpected trajectory into the world of software engineering.

“It started almost by accident,” Oussama recounts. “I needed something to fill my time while I was waiting to retake my Medical College Admission Test, I stumbled into a course on information systems, thinking it would be about computer hardware—a practical skill I could use.”

However, the course had a different focus, getting him into the basics of software programming. “I was out of my depth, initially. It was all so new, so complex yet intriguing.

The moment I successfully ran my first program, the simple ‘Hello World’, I felt a rush—a sense of creation that was entirely new to me.

I wrote a simple command, and it came to life! That instant feedback was magical”, He recalls.



Getting into gaming software

Driven by his newfound passion, Ousamma entered the gaming industry, where he combined his technical skills with his creative vision. “Game development is a fascinating blend of storytelling, engineering and art. You’re not just coding; you’re creating worlds,” Ousamma says excitedly. 

His journey through game development sharpened his skills, particularly in 3D modelling and interactive design, which would later prove invaluable. 

Transition to construction technology

As fortune would have it, his skills opened doors to opportunities in dynamic fields. His involvement in creating an augmented reality game caught the attention of Evercam. This connection marked the beginning of an important phase in his career. He joined Evercam and began developing tools that blend the digital and physical worlds, such as Drone View, BIM View,and 360 View.

Oussama Bonnor - Evercam 3D Team Lead presenting

“Bringing elements of gaming technology into construction opened new avenues for innovation. It’s more than just visualization; it’s about making project management more interactive and precise,” he explains.

Evercam – innovating with a purpose

At Evercam, his work involves developing applications that integrate real-time data with 3D models to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of construction projects. He has been instrumental in integrating advanced 3D modeling techniques into practical construction applications.

 “We’re not just creating software; we’re enhancing the way  the construction industry operates. These tools are designed to improve efficiency and reduce risks. By integrating advanced modeling techniques and real-time data, we help streamline decision-making processes and improve project outcomes,” says Oussama.

Oussama Bonnor - Evercam 3D Team Lead with his team mates

How has integrating different technologies improved real-time monitoring at Evercam?

“One of our most exciting challenges,” Oussama shares, “was finding a way to integrate the Drone app with the 360 app. This integration created a new dimension in how we manage and visualize construction projects, allowing for a seamless flow of information and enhanced real-time decision-making.”

Oussama Bonnor - Evercam 3D Team Lead doing presentation

“We also use drones and AI to create real-time models of construction sites, allowing project managers to see the progress remotely. It’s about bringing clarity and precision to a traditionally unpredictable field,” he explains.

What does a typical day look like for a software engineer at Evercam?

Oussama’s typical day involves a blend of coding, team meetings, and strategy sessions.

“Each day is different, but it always revolves around how we can use technology to solve real problems,” he describes. Ensuring the security and privacy of data is a critical part of his daily responsibilities, especially as Evercam handles relevant project information.

As a team leader, Oussama balances his technical knowledge with leadership responsibilities. “Leading a team isn’t just about managing projects. It’s about inspiring your team, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and guiding them to achieve their best,” he notes. This approach has helped him foster a collaborative and innovative team environment.

Oussama Bonnor - Evercam 3D Team Lead with Team open mind demonstrating the use construction software like 3d bim models

Back in Algeria, Oussama was among the founding members of Team Open Mind, a collective of computer science students committed to the principles of ‘learn, practice, share.‘ This foundational experience not only shaped his approach to knowledge and collaboration but also deeply influenced his leadership style.

How does Evercam ensure the security and scalability of its software solutions?

To address security and scalability, his team implements rigorous testing and updates. “We ensure that all data handled by Evercam is secured against breaches and that our systems can scale with the growing demands of our projects,” he elaborates.

“At Evercam, we are vigilant about maintaining the integrity and security of our systems,” explains Oussama. “This means keeping all systems, from browsers to operating systems, updated with the latest security patches. Regularly, we conduct penetration tests—essentially trying to hack our own system to identify any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.”

Any exciting updates to look out for?

With many successful projects already, he is now working on integrating project management tools such as P6, and Microsoft projects into the Evercam platform. This development aims to incorporate the project schedule and Gantt charts directly into Evercam’s timeline. Such integration will allow for a more streamlined and precise visualization of project timelines and improve the overall management and tracking of construction projects.

Oussama Bonnor - Evercam 3D Team Lead winning awards with his team mates for the software 3d team has developed

Ousamma is also excited about the potential of AI and machine learning to further transform the construction industry. “The future is about smart integration of technology—using AI to predict project challenges before they arise, enhancing safety, and ensuring resource efficiency,” he projects.

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