Webinar: The Use of Cameras in Construction

Webinar: The Use of Cameras in Construction

Watch our first webinar on Construction Cameras May to see how site cameras can benefit from the use of them, Vinnie Quinn shares his strategies for display construction projects and build brand exposure.

Vinnie is a passionate technology advocate and, together with his long-term business partner Marco Herbst, they have decided to apply themselves to the construction sector.

In this webinar, Vinnie shows how cameras, with the right software, can be used for so much more than security and have applications across the construction & development lifecycle from project documentation through to sales and handover.

You’ll discover:

  • How to showcase your work with construction time-lapse videos and live streaming
  • How to eliminate conflict with evidence with real examples
  • The use of site cameras for marketing purposes
  • The benefits of construction site CCTV cameras

All in only 30 min!