Faith Tangara
Sustainable Data Center Construction: Evercam’s Reality Capture Solutions in the DUB10 Project

Sustainable Data Center Construction: Evercam’s Reality Capture Solutions in the DUB10 Project

Evercam’s collaboration with Echelon on the DUB10 project in Dublin exemplifies the transformative power of innovative technology solutions in data center construction. With a focus on sustainability and operational excellence, Echelon aimed to minimize rework and enhance construction efficiency. Evercam’s comprehensive reality capture solutions, including site visibility, team communication, gate report and traffic control, 4D BIM, and drone view capabilities, effectively addressed these challenges, revolutionizing industry standards.

By providing live remote access and unifying visual construction data, Evercam’s platform significantly improved site visibility and streamlined team communication, resulting in reduced travel time and costs. The 24/7 full-frame-rate recording capability offered comprehensive documentation of the project, facilitating incident management, dispute resolution, and informed decision-making. Additionally, Evercam’s gate report helped with traffic control and optimized vehicle movements, eliminating overcharging, and substantially reducing the carbon footprint associated with vehicles at the construction site.

The integration of Evercam’s 4D BIM solution empowered the entire team with access to planning versus reality comparisons, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in the construction process. The remote measurement capability allowed for precise planning and execution, while the drone view feature provided an immersive 3D visualization of the construction site. Accurate measurements of distances, heights, and areas facilitated real-time project progress monitoring, timely issue identification, and improved communication within the team.

Beyond operational efficiency, Echelon utilized Evercam’s resources, including professionally edited time-lapse videos, to effectively market the ongoing progress of the DUB10 project. These captivating clips condensed months of construction work, highlighting the project’s magnitude and precision. The successful implementation of Evercam’s reality capture solutions in the DUB10 project led to substantial benefits, including a significant reduction in rework, cost savings, environmental sustainability, compliance with local environmental planning commitments, and reduced idle time for heavy machinery and concrete trucks.

The DUB10 project serves as a pioneering example of the integration of advanced technology in data centre construction, with Evercam at the forefront of driving industry transformation. The successful outcomes achieved through the implementation of Evercam’s innovative reality capture solutions have set a new benchmark for efficiency, communication, and safety. As the project nears completion, the impact of Evercam’s solutions reinforces its role as a key partner for future advancements in the field, redefining the construction landscape.