Harvey Construction Company has been in the business since 1939. In the 1960s, the company widened their scope of services to include the general construction and renovation of hospitals, nursing homes, high-tech facilities, office buildings, schools, college buildings and wastewater treatment facilities.

With one of their $55.9 million projects underway, the construction of South Portland Middle School, Harvey’s goal to keep the construction progress in check as well as be able to tackle any issues that may arise across the project prompted them to approach Evercam in order to realise their goal. The project will combine Mahoney Middle School and Memorial Middle School into one building. The construction site is adjacent to Memorial Middle School.

Having set up two  cameras on site, Evercam provides Harvey with time-lapse videos as well as Procore integration services. The Procore integration provides a more streamlined workflow since users can access the photos from the jobsite easily and collaborate more efficiently. Evercam automatically syncs to Procore by setting up Snapmails so that an image is sent daily over to Procore. 

Here is a snippet of the construction progress as at February, 2022. Swipe left and right to view the progress.

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