Work at the iconic Swords Castle is well underway.

Kelbuild Limited were awarded the job of restoring the castle ramparts walk and repairs to the roof.

This phase of the project will restore the castle ramparts walk and will see locals and tourists alike given access to walk along the ramparts and enjoy new views of Swords from on top of the castle walls.

This exciting phase of the castle’s regeneration will provide visitors to the castle even more opportunity to explore this wonderful historic site as the works will see a replacement of the perimeter ramparts with a bespoke modern walkway.

Swords Castle was originally built as the residence of the first Anglo-Norman Archbishop of Dublin around 1200 AD. The Castle situated in the centre of the town and is the only fortified residence of the Archbishop to survive in a reasonable state today.

The buildings that make up the Castle form a rough pentagon enclosing an area of approximately 0.5 Hectares with a perimeter wall of 305 metres. The Castle was built over a period of 400 years starting before 1200 AD.

Swords Castle restoration by Kelbuild, evercam camera view
camera view of the Swords Castle by Evercam cameras