The EXO Building marks the pinnacle of construction capability and bold decision-making. Form and function are combined in perfect proportions to ensure a strong impression is made on all who interact with it, whether that’s working in it or gazing at it from afar.

The EXO Building has been designed to target a Building Energy Rating of A3 and LEED Gold certification and Wired Certified Platinum.

Stretching skyward, its appearance of being suspended in mid-air, its visibility on the Dublin skyline, the revolutionary design and construction techniques, its location, the panoramic views, the quality of the space, its prestige… the EXO is truly bringing statement offices to extraordinary new heights.

17 storeys of elegance, beauty and strength, elevated to allow easy movement around it, the EXO Building presents an exciting opportunity like no other in Dublin.

camera view of the exo building construction site by Evercam cameras