Walsh Group are one of the most highly respected construction companies in Ireland. Recently, they have completed work on a new development called Oak Trace.

The Oak Trace Senior Living Community is set to redevelop its Downers Grove campus in a bid further to construct a five-story building featuring 145 independent-living apartments. The V-shaped development would include a one-story commons building connecting an existing 1994 apartment building and a 2019 health care centre.

Northbrook-based SAS Architects & Planners said Oak Trace’s second phase should be completed by 2024. The building footprint for the proposed townhouses is not finalised and would require approval from both the plan commission and village council to proceed.

CGI of Proposed Oak Trace Redevelopment. Source: Oak Trace Senior Living
CGI of Proposed Oak Trace Redevelopment. Source: Oak Trace Senior Living

One construction camera has been installed on-site to monitor the progress of construction and to use time-lapse videos for investor presentations.

Swipe Left and Right to view the construction progress recorded with Evercam Time-lapse cameras from April 2022 to January 2024.

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Installing construction cameras on-site is a process that needs to be completed carefully in order to ensure accuracy and safety. With the help of Evercam, you can be sure that your construction site is being monitored properly and that you’re getting the most out of your investment. Contact us today to book a demo and learn more about how our construction cameras can benefit your business.