Windsor Commercial – 4th and Green, a construction project in downtown Winston Salem, sought to enhance its job site monitoring and progress visualization capabilities for the residential construction project. To achieve this, they turned to Evercam, for reality capture solutions which were not only  instrumental in improving project management but also provided valuable timelapse footage for marketing purposes.

Projected Outcomes

While the project is still underway, Windsor Commercial anticipates that Evercam’s technology will help them to:

  • Monitor the job site more efficiently
  • Use video archives for insightful reviews of the project and incidents
  • Enhance progress reporting to stakeholders and team members

Over the past few decades, we’ve used at least a half dozen different webcam services.  While Evercam is by far the most versatile and best quality I’ve seen, it is their customer service that really sets them apart.  They have remained engaged with us continually through our project and often touch base with us offering their assistance through which we have learned more about the great options they offer.   Their high quality time lapse recordings have helped us to provide critical documentation to the local authorities which has bolstered our reputation as a builder and developer in downtown Winston Salem.  Thanks Evercam, for being a great partner with us!

Michael Sears, Construction Manager at Windsor Commercial.

Evercam Solution:

1. Job Site Monitoring:

Evercam provided continuous live view progress management for the construction site, offering real-time insights into the project’s status. Project managers could remotely monitor and oversee critical construction activities such as concrete pouring. Project managers could remotely monitor and supervise the entire process of concrete pouring, ensuring that it adhered to the precise specifications and timetables.

2. Incident Archiving:

Evercam’s incident archiving feature allowed for the immediate recording of incidents as they occurred. Users could request video archives to review incidents in detail. This capability was crucial for documenting accidents or safety violations, helping to avoid costly job site shutdowns.

Incident archive video

3. Timelapse for Marketing:

Evercam has offered timelapse recording, which is invaluable for marketing purposes. Professionally edited timelapse footage showcased the project’s progress over time, making it an excellent tool for marketing and presentations to stakeholders.


The implementation of Evercam’s reality capture solutions has had a significant impact on Windsor Commercial – 4th and Green’s construction project:

Improved Job Site Monitoring:

Evercam’s live view visualization of the site provides Windsor Commercial with a dynamic and continuous view of their construction site. This isn’t just improving oversight but is also allowing for quick, data-driven decision-making.

Project managers can remotely assess the site’s progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and allocate resources efficiently. This level of real-time insight is proving invaluable in keeping the entire project on track and meeting milestones.

Effective Incident Archiving:

With immediate visibility into incidents as they occur, the construction team can take swift action when needed. The detailed video archives serve as a crucial tool for documenting incidents accurately.

By proactively addressing issues and analyzing root causes through video evidence, the company is improving safety measures and minimizing the risk of future incidents. This proactive approach isn’t just ensuring the well-being of workers but is also safeguarding the project’s timeline and budget.

Progress Reporting:

Evercam’s timelapse recordings offer more than just a visual timeline; they provide a compelling and informative narrative of the project’s development. These recordings are instrumental in progress reporting, allowing stakeholders to easily track the construction’s evolution over time.

Whether for internal reviews, client presentations, or regulatory compliance, Evercam’s timelapse footage is becoming a resourceful tool for communicating the project’s achievements and milestones. It’s simplifying complex data into a visual story that everyone can understand, enhancing transparency and alignment among all parties involved.

Swipe from Left to Right to view the Construction progress from January 2023 to September 2023.

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The implementation of reality capture technology has demonstrated its impact on construction projects. It has significantly improved job site monitoring, incident documentation, and progress reporting, ultimately enhancing project management and safety.

Moving forward, it is evident that reality capture is a critical tool for the construction industry’s future success, offering transformative benefits. Book a demo with us today to explore the possibilities of project visualization and management using Evercam reality capture.