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Tankweld Engineering is working on a major upgrade to Melbourne Water’s Eastern Treatment Plant. The Eastern Treatment Plant (ETP) is located at Bangholme, about 35km south-east of Melbourne’s City Centre and will incorporate an advanced tertiary treatment plant (ATTP). The plant is one-tenth the size of the Western Treatment Plant but treats nearly half of Melbourne’s sewage: 330 million litres a day. It has been generating electricity from sewage gas since it opened in 1975 and can supply 40% of its needs. The plant was 1st upgraded in 2012 to treat sewage to an advanced tertiary standard, for which it has won several international awards

The upgrade was carried out to improve the quality of treated water to Class A, which would be discharged into Bass Strait at Boags Rocks, improving the marine environment, and enabling more water to be recycled for non-drinking purposes.

Melbourne Water - Eastern Treatment Plant
Melbourne Water – Eastern Treatment Plant

One construction camera was placed on this site to track the progress of the project and the time-lapse videos are used for client presentations and marketing.

Swipe Left and Right to view the construction progress from Feb 2022 to April 2022.

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